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1530 Platform Scale

Model Number: [ 1530 ]

Manufactured by: turier

Product Description:

1530 Stainless Steel Platform manufactured by Turier's in the UK
EC verified if required for trade use

Heavy duty platforms constructed from ‘304’stainless steel
Fitted with four hermetically sealed IP68 C3(R60) stainless steel load cells.
Suitable for Freestanding, Ramped or Dormant applications
Standard finish – bead blast smooth goods plate
(folded on freestanding & ramped).

PLATFORM SIZES but also can be custom made to specific requirements
Model Platform Size
66S 600 x 600mm
88S 800 x 800mm
1010S 1000 x 1000mm
1210S 1200 x 1000mm
1212S 1250 x 1250mm
1512S 1500 x 1250mm
1812S 1800 x 1200mm
1515S 1500 x 1500mm
2015S 2000 x 1500mm
2515S 2500 x 1500mm
2020S 2000 x 2000mm
3015S 3000 x 1500mm
2520S 2500 x 2000mm

Capacity to 1500kg / 3000kg / 6000kg

Choose from our extensive range of Stailess Steel indicators , see section on indicators within this web site , please telephone us in order to discuss these platforms and all the possible options for your application and obtain our best advice and BEST PRICE

Ramp with folded edges
Pit edge frame & mounting pads see dormant scale section
Protective 4 sided kerb
Electro polished finish – add
500V flash tested cells – add
ATEX certified cells – add
Inbuilt fork lift guides –
Stainless steel pit liner instead of a pit edge angle frame - POA
‘Chequer’ goods plate, heat barrier
polypropylene chemical resistant cover,
trolley, roller track, ball table - POA
Non standard sizes and capacities from 4000kg up to 10000kg – POA

Many verification options , please discuss

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