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High resolution (mild)

Model Number: [ 1540HR ]

Manufactured by: turier

Product Description:

Turier High Resolution Scales , heavy duty manufactured in the UK

1540 platform with a Lucid indicator
( see indicators stainless steel )
Mild Steel construction with stainless steel top cover

HR5 5kg x 0.1g 205 x 205mm
HR10 10kg x 0.2g 305 x 255mm
HR20 20kg x 0.5g 305 x 305mm
HR50 50kg x 1g 505 x 405mm
HR100 100kg x 2g 605 x 505mm
HR200 200kg x 5g 605 x 505mm
HR300 300kg x 20g 800 x 800mm * 4 load cell
HR600 600kg x 50g 1000 x 1000mm * 4 load cell

Indicator may be bench or wall mounted

Column mounted indicator on models:
HR20, HR50, HR100 & HR200 optional extra.

Atex certified load cell , please ask

please telephone for further information or assistance.

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