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B Series, Stainless steel

Model Number: [ B SERIES ]

Manufactured by: turier

Product Description:

B Series stainless steel scale with column mounted
or remote indicator.
IP67, large backlit 52mm LCD. hard wired mains/rechargeable battery 90hrs,weighing, counting, totalising & check-weighing modes with HI/OK/LO display using LED and buzzer.
(if without column please specify)
Stainless steel platform with encapsulated load cell
EC approved @ 3000 divisions with mains adaptor (non IP) / rechargeable battery
Platform sizes:
33=300x300mm ~ 44=400x400mm
54=500x400mm ~ 75=700x500mm
Model Capacity
BWS33-6 6kg x 0.5g
BWS33-15 15kg x 1g
BWS33-30 30kg x 2g
BWS33-60 60kg x 5g
BWS44-30 30kg x 2g
BWS44-60 60kg x 5g
BWS44-150 150kg x 10g
BWS54-60 60kg x 5g
BWS54-150 150kg x 10g
BWS75-150 150kg x 10g
BWS75-300 300kg x 20g
EC Verification @ 3000 divisions (with mains adaptor only)

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