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Model Number: [ SE-03/N/LCD ]

Manufactured by: Axis

Product Description:

SE-03 Indicators are designed for control of external labels printer (language EPL-2 or ZPL). Alpha-numeric keyboard allows for entering: expiration date, product bar code, price. This data can be stored for 150 products. Moreover it is possible to print: producer’s logo, tare, current date and time, charge, number of packages, number of pieces in package, sum of net and gross weights, total labels. Label print may be performed automatically after weighing.
Model SE-03
Capacity (number of verification units) max 6000e (3000e for subrange in multirange operation)
Reading unit (d) 1, 2, 5, 10, ... (g, kg)
Verification unit (e) adjustable
Tare range -Max
Working temperature -10÷40°C
Dimensions 238x182x77mm
Power supply ~230V 50Hz 6VA
Weight 2,3kg
IP protection class IP65
Applied error fraction (pi) 0,5
Input voltage range 4,8÷19mV/9,6÷38mV/19,2÷72mV
Lowest possible input signal 0,4µV/e
Number of sensors max 8
Sensor impedance 40÷4000 Ohm
Sensor supply 5V AC 25Hz
Sensor connecting system 1 sensor: 4-wires system, 1-6 sensors: 6-wires system
Housing stainless steel
Keyboard numeric and function keys
Display LCD

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