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Model Number: [ UTCH, DTCH & LTCH ]

Manufactured by: Excell

Product Description:

TCH Series High Resolution Weighing Bench Scale
internal counting resolution 1:600,000

UTCH short column for bench operation
30 kg x 1g
Platform size 300 x 280mm

DTCH tall column, floor mounted counting scale
60 kg x 2g ~ 150 kg x 10g
Platform size 420 x 520mm

LTCH tall column, floor mounted counting scale
150 kg x 10g ~ 300kg x 10g
Platform size 460 x 600mm

Power Source :
AC 230 mains lead + DC 6V/4.5AH rechargeable battery

Backlit triple LCD display showing weight, unit weight & quantity, 10 unit weight memories, totalising of weight and quantity, auto recomputing

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