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PH stainless steel

Model Number: [ PH ]

Manufactured by: Excell

Product Description:

PH Waterproof Check-weighing Indicator

Power Source : AC adaptor DC 9V or 6V / 4.5AH rechargeable battery
* Dimensions: 256 x 170 (W x H)
* Display: LCD, 6 Digits, 25 mm (Height), LED backlight
* IP 67 waterproof: moisture-proof, mist-proof, with IP67 waterproof and dustproof
* Up to 1/30,000 display resolution and the internal resolution is 1/300,000 (Input voltage should be over 6mV)
* Adjustable weighing speed: three weighing speed modes (fast, moderate, and slow)
* Selectable units modes: Kilogram (kg), gram (g), pound (lb), and ounce (oz) weighing modes
* HI, OK, LO indication: Large LCD display with Lo/Hi/OK analog bar indication and the signals for Relay output with max. current 7A, max. voltage 265V AC, 30V DC
* 10 preset setting, Percentage display, Simple/Limit/Target operation modes, Pre-tare function, Net/Gross switch function, Auto backlight
* Auto calibration, Auto zero tracking, Auto power off, Adjustable gravity value, and Linearity adjustment
* Built-in bi-directional RS-232 and RTC

* Relay output

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