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FM for AXIS force meters

Model Number: [ AXIS FM ]

Manufactured by: Axis

Product Description:

AXIS FM program is assigned to cooperate with AXIS FA, FB, FC and FSA force meters. The program enables readout of measurements from force meter on-line (while the force meter is working) or off-line (after earlier collection of measurement results in device memory). Moreover from AXIS FM level the majority of settings essential for measurements, saving them and saving diagrams is available.

To change program language version click on the english flag at the top of program window.

AXIS FM enables working with FA and FB force meter in wide range:

- readout the information that characterize the force meter,

- readout of actual indication,

- recording measurements while the connection between meter and program is active,

- downloading measurements saved in meter,

- visualization of measurement results on diagram and in statistics,

- saving results and diagrams to a file,

- controling of basic force meter functions,

- changing of chosen device settings from program level,

- readout battery condition,

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